Ex Post

Unlike some bands who name themselves after graffiti, Dutch punk legends The Ex chose their name based on how quickly it could be spray painted.

The Ex – “Weapons for El Salvador” (MP3)

Their new CD, Singles. Period., collects 23 7″ vinyl singles that were, for the most part, only available in Holland. Stream the whole album here.

Without getting too deep into their history, they started out as anarcho-punk squatters in Holland, drifting around the world and influencing or collaborating with tons of seminal underground bands, including Fugazi and Sonic Youth.

Their collaboration with Tom Cora is still my favorite work of theirs, combining punk immediacy with the elegiac “off the grid” sound of bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

The Ex & Tom Cora – “State of Shock” (MP3)

The Ex & Tom Cora – “Everything & Me” (MP3)

(Crazy thanks to SKMHG for turning me on to The Ex!)