Promised Land Sound – “Push and Pull (All the Time)”

Promised Land Sound – “Push and Pull (All the Time)”

Nashville psych-folk rockers Promised Land Sound continue to hint at an increasingly polished sophomore album with the sun-soaked “Push and Pull (All the Time).” The track follows and contrasts the more mellow and doleful “She Takes Me There,” scuzzy melodies and chiming guitars combining to encapsulate the sounds of summer in song form. “Let me show you how I am feeling now,” Joe Scala croons across the track, his soft vocals ringing with a raw ache that is sweet but ever so slightly hinging on the melancholy.

The rosy lyrics and shimmying chords take you back to warm bonfires and the glow of fireflies during hot July evenings, and the second half of the song is devoid of Scala’s alluring voice, words replaced by scattering drums and beautiful, uncompromising garage-pop. The jangly guitars explode into a crescendo that echoes and rings as if the notes are words of their own. The dizzying instrumental is enough to make you ache for the summer that’s already beginning to slip away. Listen below.

For Use And Delight is out 10/2 via Paradise of Bachelors. Pre-order it here.

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