Autre Ne Veut – “The Age of Transparency” Video

Autre Ne Veut – “The Age of Transparency” Video

Avant-R&B auteur Autre Ne Veut is being featured on Yours Truly this week. Along with an interview, some photos, and a breakdown of the unreleased track “Cold Winds,” they’ve just premiered a new video for the title track off of his upcoming LP The Age Of Transparency. It’s the third video we’ve seen from the album and the third to be directed by Allie Avital, and it’s not as retina-clawingly disturbing as the bugfuck “World War Pt. 2” video or quite as weirdly tense as “Panic Room,” but it’s still plenty unsettling. Arthur Ashin dances with a loose-limbed, sinister ease around an office full of gray, motionless corporate employees, and things take a turn for the horrifying towards the end. Also, the song itself is great, a big, cinematic, emotional thing, and you can download an also-very-good electronics-free “jazz version” here. Watch below.

The Age Of Transparency is out 10/2 via Downtown. Pre-order it here.

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