Holy ’57 – “Au Naturel” (Stereogum Premiere)

Sure, we’re most of the way through September and a crisp autumn chill is beginning to descend, but that’s far off from whatever tropical island Holy ’57 are situated in. With “Au Naturel,” London-based singer-songwriter Alex Mankoo follows up his debut effort “Island Kids” with a similarly sun-drenched number. The song bursts with the kind of joyous energy that impels you to sprint down a beach, tear off your clothes, and belly flop into the water. Led by enthusiastic electric guitars, it’s unabashedly pop-driven music with a cheering chorus and drum section that’s almost aggressively playful. There’s a sort of primal spirit to the song’s main lyrical refrain: “I want to be naked in your arms.” “Au Naturel” is one of four tracks on the upcoming EP H, mixed by former Broken Social Scene collaborator David Newfeld. Hear it below.

01 “The Tennis Club (Of Bombay)”
02 “Island Kids”
03 “Au Naturel”
04 “Savanna”

H is out 10/26 through Holy ’57’s Bandcamp.

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