YACHT – “L.A. Plays Itself” Video

YACHT have always loved the gimmicks, and they’re embracing them even more in the rollout for their latest album, I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler. They announced the record through Periscope, and shared the album’s title track via an unnecessarily hi-def lyric video. Now, they’re unveiling their next single through a new website, playsitself.la, that will only display the track’s new video when Uber surge pricing in Los Angeles is active. Appropriately, the new song is called “L.A. Plays Itself,” a name derived from the 2003 documentary of a similar name. A Darq E Freaker remix of the track will play on the website when the city climbs above a 2x surge. Check out the website here.

Here’s a video/text explanation from the band’s Claire L. Evans.

Los Angeles has a bad reputation for traffic.

Uber has a reputation for surge pricing. That’s when their prices multiply based on demand for cars.

Traffic sucks, and paying extra to sit in it is even worse. To help ease the pain, we’ve got a new song called “LA Plays Itself.” It’s all about the city, and we want to play it for you when you need it most.

So every time Uber turns surge pricing on, we’ll play you the music video. And when surge pricing hits 2x, we’ll play you a remix.

It’s a new kind of traffic jam. Ask your driver to turn it up.

UPDATE: Here’s the video, Uber restriction free:

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler is out 10/16 via Downtown Records.