Hurricane #1 Announce First New Album In 16 Years

Hurricane #1 Announce First New Album In 16 Years

Following the breakup of shoegaze legends Ride, erstwhile Ride guitarist Andy Bell formed a new band, Hurricane #1, with singer/guitarist Alex Lowe, bassist Will Pepper, and drummer Gareth Farmer. They released two albums on Creation Records, 1997’s self-titled debut and 1999’s Only The Strongest Will Survive, with Bell leaving shortly thereafter to play guitar for Gay Dad and bass for Oasis. Last year, Lowe revived Hurricane #1 for a handful of shows with a new lineup sans Bell, and now, after another personnel shift, he’s announced a new full-length album, their first in 16 years. Find What You Love And Let It Kill You was written while Lowe was in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer:

I would sit there on the bed for hours just thinking, staring out the window. Then I thought if I’m spending my time in here doing nothing, I may as well try and keep busy, so I wrote most of the album in hospital … When you are wired up to chemo and radio therapy, the last thing you want to do is wallow in it and feel sorry for yourself so I had the idea that the album should be happy and not too dark. I knew I wanted it to be a very organic album, back to basics type of sound, nothing fancy, just good tunes played in a good Rock ‘n’ Roll manner.

It’ll be out in the fall, and you can hear previews of three new songs below, including lead single “Think Of The Sunshine,” on which Andy Bell returned to contribute some backwards guitar.

Find What You Love And Let It Kill You is out 11/20 on Tapete Records.

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