70s Boy Band Bay City Rollers Reunite

Joining the ranks of bands from another era who have decided to have a go in the internet age, 1970s boy band Bay City Rollers have announced their reunion. The Scottish five-piece wore matching Tartan outfits, and their success has been translated into modern terms for us through comparisons to One Direction. These aren’t necessarily far off considering they’ve sold more than 100 million records. 100 million. Scottish boy band. It gets better.

Their first show will be on 12/20 at Glasgow’s Barrowland, and they also told The Guardian that they’re working on a new single called “Boomerang” (get it?) with producer John McLaughlin.

Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Stuart Wood of the original lineup will be performing first and foremost in Scotland, with a larger tour in the works. They will possibly be joined by Eric Faulkner as well, another member of the original five. The final Bay City Roller, Derek Longmuir, has no intention of joining the reunion because he has a new career: He’s been a cardiology nurse for twenty years.

The band broke up back in 1978 and have been embroiled in legal drama concerning money and royalties that is still ongoing, even today. Is money a factor in the reunion? You bet it is.

Here’s McKeown’s comments on the subject:

I think the three of us have made [fans’] dreams come true and the fans are the reason that we’re doing it — that and the money of course. We’ll probably never see a penny, it’ll be a repeat of the last 40 years. I don’t think it was down to luck. I think it was awful, terrible management and a lot of thieves around us taking advantage of us. That’s in the past now and we’ve got good people with us.

They plan to play several shows at Barlow before extending the tour elsewhere. Fans will surely be waiting expectantly for the release of “Boomerang” until that time.