Shelf Life – “Sinking Just Right” Video

Are you ready for the one about pouring vodka into a swimming pool? That’s how Shelf Life’s video for “Sinking Just Right” starts. The video goes on to unspool a surreal, deeply sad montage of this dejected man dumping cheap vodka into a pool, chucking his phone in there, too, and surveying the expanse of empty liquor bottles that litter the area. “Does everybody hate me?” Scotty Leitch wonders in the lyrics, before musing about finding pools, cinder blocks, and tightropes for purposes that seem dire at best. This video clearly seems designed as a commentary on depression, suicide, and the pressures of 21st century capitalism. His suit, cell phone, calculator and brief case point to some sort of dismal business failing. This is all quite depressing, but the good news for Leitch is solo musical venture has done anything but. A few weeks ago the band officially released their slowcore psych-folk album Everyone Make Happy and revealed Leitch — a former engineer, drummer, and behind-the-scenes sort of guy — for the talented frontman he is. Good Boy Audiovisual directs; watch below.

Everyone Make Happy is out now on Lefse.