Jeff Lynne’s ELO – “When I Was A Boy”

Jeff Lynne’s ELO – “When I Was A Boy”

Starting in 1971, the studio-pop perfectionist Jeff Lynne spent decades leading Electric Light Orchestra, a group that took the Beatles’ melodic base and pushed it into the realms of prog and classical, creating a huge and giddy and sweeping sound that belonged entirely to them. The last Electric Light Orchestra album was 2001’s Zoom, which featured some of George Harrison’s final recordings. The group has essentially been Lynne’s solo project for most of its lifespan, and now, under the name Jeff Lynne’s ELO, it’s about to release Alone In The Universe, the fist new ELO studio album in 14 years. First single “When I Was A Boy” is a euphorically melodic, expertly recorded piece of orchestral ’70s-style pop. Listen to it below.

Alone In The Universe is out 11/13 on Columbia.

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