TWINKIDS – “Dreamer” (Stereogum Premiere)

The latest from Cascine’s reliably great digital singles label CSCN is a contribution from TWINKIDS, a self-described “laptop pop” duo based out of LA. So far, they only have a sparse and affecting Björk cover to their name, which makes “Dreamer” their debut single, and it sparkles with all the shine of something fresh. It starts off pleasantly enough, as reserved synths allow the soulful vocals to carry weight and step into the spotlight — that goes on ’til about the halfway point, when the song breaks open and lets loose into scattered shards of light. From there on, it’s all high-energy and towering, diamond-cut R&B lines. It’s pretty great, especially for the duo’s first go ’round — listen below.

“Dreamer” is out tomorrow via CSCN.