Stream Emilie & Ogden 10 000

Emilie Kahn and her harp, Ogden, got some well-deserved attention for her reimagining of Taylor Swift’s “Style,” but she’ll stand on her own with her debut album, 10 000, a divinely-picked collection of operatic music. She turns out 11 tracks of wistful, easy-to-listen-to but not easy listening folk, including the previously released title track and “What Happened.” Kahn wears her broke heart on her sleeve for much of the album, and her lonesome lyrics shine just as bright as the pretty instrumentation she surrounds them with. These are songs about falling short and losing love and wanting — familiar emotions, but ones that feel right at home among Kahn’s grey tones. “Missing you was never enough” she sings on “Long Gone,” a concise through-line for the rest of the album: the need to feel and experience the totality of emotion. In her quieter and more vulnerable moments, she reminds of Leslie Feist when she’s at the same; Joanna Newsom is also an obvious touchpoint, but mostly Kahn carves out a space all her own. Listen to it over on Pandora.

There’s also a short documentary talking about the making of the album:

10 000 is out 10/2 via Secret City Records.