Wrestlers – “Perennial” (Feat. Shy Girls) (Stereogum Premiere)

Vibrant electropop and hip-hop coalesce in “Perennial,” the latest single from Houston-based electronic duo Wrestlers. The undeniably catchy track features Dan Vidmar, better known as Portland R&B artist Shy Girls, plying his trade over chilled instrumentation with subtle, elegant urban vibes. Vidmar lends his intoxicating voice to lines like, “Are you saying I’m a winner, winner?/ I’m still a sinner, sinner,” and the result is a wholly danceable weekend anthem with addictive hooks and a glorious, pop-based essence. Some background on “Perennial” from Wrestlers:

The early demo of the tune started out as more of a hip hop beat. There’s definitely a lot of influence from UGK going on in there. Being from Houston, that music is totally engrained into the culture and vibe of the city. I think that my favorite thing about those beats was always how heavily they channelled gospel and RnB music. Perennial is a little bit of a nod in that direction, with some other references to more modern club culture. After I had the first few pieces of the song, I linked with Dan from Shy Girls. He’s one of my favorite writers/vocalists these days, and I knew that he’d be a perfect fit for the project. I’d like my music to be seen as an extension of myself, where I’m from, what I’m like, what my influences are. I’m not interested in sticking to a certain genre, I’m trying to be honest, trying to sound like “me”.

Listen below.

The two-song “Perennial” single is out 10/9 on Red Bull Sound Select. Pre-order it at iTunes or Amazon.

[Photo by Drew Reynolds/Red Bull Sound Select.]