Ernie – “Sweatpants” (Stereogum Premiere)

Earlier this year, Lamont Brown released his debut solo EP, Figi Afterglow, under the name Aggrocragg. It was a subtly infectious home-spun collection of songs, backed by drum machines, enticing cyclical rhythms, and a whole bunch of charm. The lineup has expanded since then to incorporate a full band and, with that, comes a name change. They go by Ernie now, but the Charlotte, NC-based project has kept all the exuberance of those demo recordings and translated it over to a bigger sound. “Sweatpants,” the first song they’re sharing from their upcoming Dog Park EP, is a scrappy, bleary look at the looming end of a relationship. Brown goes back and forth between admitting that he’s not doing okay and trying to put up a front, and the song echoes his anxieties and defense mechanisms with every sharp turn. Listen below.

Dog Park is out 11/20 via Soft Speak Records.

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