Kyle – “Remember Me” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Kyle – “Remember Me” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Chicago’s preeminent rap music hub Fake Shore Drive has pointed our attention toward a new song by Kyle — you remember, the dude who helped make “Wanna Be Cool” one of the best songs on Surf? Thanks to the sweeping success of that album’s golden-child jubilance, Kyle is popping off on his own, even if he keeps Chance the Rapper in the cut for a mournful, melodic hook. On “Remember Me” Kyle is still rapping with his perma-grin tone, but this time the subject matter is dark. He’s lamenting the sudden reemergence of a friend who didn’t make an effort in the past but has been popping back up again post-Surf. Weird how that happens, right? There’s a million gut-wrenching lines here from the emerging Cali rapper that will ring true for anyone who’s dealt with fair-weather friends, but here’s my favorite: “Don’t try to eat with me now / If you couldn’t starve with me then / Your heart is so much bigger / Ever since I made it big.” He’s right, too. Kyle’s music brims with the kind of enormous emotion that makes your heart bigger, and better, for hearing it. Listen below and look for his album Smyle dropping this Friday.

Kyle’s new album Smyle is out this Friday, 10/2.

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