Swings – “Sea”

I have no fucking clue what Swings’ lead singer, Jamie Finucane, is saying about 90 percent of the time, which leads me to believe that he doesn’t really sing; he emotes. The last single we heard off of the DC-based band’s forthcoming record, Sugarwater, pulled my heartstrings in dozens of different directions, and this new song follows suit. “Sea” makes me nostalgic for the West Coast, the afternoons spent looking out at the Pacific Ocean on a foggy day. It’s a turbulent but still melodic deluge of sound that crests on just-barely-intelligible lyrics. “Surface tension breaks,” Finucane sings, in one of his intelligible moments, as the surrounding instrumentation whips itself into a torrent. Listen below.

Sugarwater is out 11/13 via Exploding In Sound.

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