Zomby – “Acid Surf”

I’ll always remember Zomby fondly for his 2008 album Where Were U In ’92 and though his two follow-ups, Dedication and With Love, were solid, he’s never really come close to capturing the chaotic fun of that record again. Nonetheless, the British producer is still doing his thing — and well, albeit a little slower and more considered — and he switched from long-time home 4AD over to XL for his next release, a double EP called Let’s Jam I and II. Today, he’s shared a slow-thudding new one called “Acid Surf” — listen to it below.

Let’s Jam I
01 “Surf 1″
02 “Surf 2″
03 “Slime”
04 “Acid Surf”

Let’s Jam II
01 “Neon”
02 “Bloom”
03 “Peroxide”
04 “Xenon”

Let’s Jam I and II are out 10/9 via XL Recordings.

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