Robyn Quietly Released A Great New Song Under An Alias For Partisan

Robyn is well-known for working on spontaneous, one-off projects or collaborating with likeminded artists. Even if she’s struggling to perform La Bagatelle Magique material that she composed with her sadly now deceased collaborator Christian Falk, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to put magnificent music into the universe. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, a new film called Partisan that hits theaters this Friday, 10/2, features musical contributions not just from Robyn but several other musicians under various pseudonyms. Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never did the score, while “The Hardest Thing To Do” is by Tony Primo and Nixxie — aka Metronomy’s Joseph Mount and Robyn. A couple unused supergroup songs have surfaced too: “Friday Night” is a song ostensibly by Spanna N The Werx, a duo that’s actually Jarvis Cocker and Jason Buckle (of All Seeing I), and “I Eat It At Home” is by one Albert Mondo, aka Sebastien Tellier. The Robyn and Mount collaboration “The Hardest Thing To Do” is absolutely stunning, so listen to that below, along with karaoke style videos for the other two songs, which didn’t make it into the film after all.