Radiator Hospital – “Will You Find Me?”

My summer of 2014 was an endless tunnel of evil, humid darkness. A combination of unfortunate events left me feeling totally out of sorts and unmoored — a sad, post-hysterical mess who could barely pull herself out of bed to get to work slinging burgers and making milkshakes in the morning. When I finally did, I would climb onto my bike and play Radiator Hospital’s Torch Song through my headphones, which was released around the same time. It’s a cliché to say this, but that record saved me that summer, because it reminded me of what being really happy felt like at a time when those feelings felt very, very far away. Sam Cook-Parrot’s songs aren’t always joyful, but there’s a buoyancy to even his most desperate lyrics that sounds like sunshine finally peeking through the clouds at the end of a long, shitty, rainy day. Rather than drown myself in sad, contemplative rock, I just played songs like “Cut Your Bangs,” “Blue Gown,” and “Fireworks” on repeat, and tried to displace my feeling of Overwhelming Despair by pretending to live in one of his half-rendered storybooks. That was more than a year ago, and now when I listen to Torch Song, I finally feel like a character in one of them. I welcome this new Radiator Hospital song with arms wide open, ready to hear this band in broad daylight, a million emotional miles away from where I was when I first discovered them. “Will You Find Me?” has all of the same whimsical girth of my favorite tracks on Torch Song, and it will be released on a forthcoming split 7″ alongside the English band Martha. Listen to it below via Gold Flake Paint.

The split 7″ will be out 10/16 via Specialist Subject Records.