Lawrence Rothman – “California Paranoia” (Feat. Angel Olsen)

Lawrence Rothman – “California Paranoia” (Feat. Angel Olsen)

Lawrence Rothman is a master of the morph. Two years ago we noted that he’s a Cindy Sherman enthusiast, and that he often works in the fractured R&B and loopy house milieu. Rothman’s unexpected new track, “California Paranoia,” leans away from that production a bit, stripping back to a ’70s psych-folk vibe. Angel Olsen’s harmonies come in like the dusty bleating of the wind itself, and remain the highlight, at least for me. “California Paranoia” feels like the long-lost twin sister of a Lana Del Rey song; it’s a haunting lilt full of surreal, existential wonderings and lots of mystery. Listen below.

Rothman’s debut album is expected in 2016. Here’s a portrait of him in character as one of his nine “alters.”

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