Stream Larry Gus I Need New Eyes

Larry Gus is really Panagiotis Melidis, a computer programmer from Greece who makes fluid and falsetto-laden bedroom pop music. Gus records for DFA, which means his grasp on dance-music history is strong and his sound is physical and immaculately recorded. It’s hard to fit his music into any definable category, but he’s definitely spent some time at the School of Arthur Russell. And our own Chris DeVille described the sound of his new album I Need New Eyes as “like what David Bowie might have come up with if he’d made Low in Africa instead of Europe.” We’ve posted his tracks “NP-Complete” and “A Set Of Replies,” and now you can stream the entire album, in 50-minute lyric-video form, below.

I Need New Eyes is out 10/2 on DFA.

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