Some Copies Of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die Accidentally Feature Baltimore Shoegaze Band Instead

Some Copies Of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die Accidentally Feature Baltimore Shoegaze Band Instead

Apparently if you buy a copy of a certain pressing of Lana Del Rey’s 2012 LP Born To Die, you will instead be getting the excellent Baltimore shoegaze band Wildhoney’s 2015 debut Sleep Through It, as Baltimore City Paper reports.

Wildhoney guitarist Joe Trainor says that the band got an email about the mistake and then noticed a thread about it on the site Vinyl Collective (the thread’s original poster also posted the video above, in which you can hear the Wildhoney song “Fall In” playing on the Lana vinyl).

Gordon Dufresne, founder of Deranged Records, the label that put out Sleep Through It, has confirmed that yes, it’s just a pressing error. “All copies of this particular pressing of the LDR record were pressed this way,” he told City Paper via email. “A good portion will be recalled and likely recycled but lots of copies are now circulating. This happened due to a mix up with the stampers at the plant — small mistake with huge implications. To be fair to the plant in question, this sort of mistake has occurred with other projects at other plants but it’s typically caught before it has a chance to get into the ends of customers/fans…They have been doing everything in their power to address and fix the issue (at least from my perspective).”

The story has a happy ending, though! At least for some people. While some didn’t seem too thrilled about the mix-up, the guy who posted the YouTube video really liked the album and ended up keeping it, and several other posters on the Vinyl Collective thread decided to purchase the album as well. So hey, cool that Wildhoney is getting some exposure and new fans! They’re putting out a new EP, Your Face Sideways, in a few weeks — we premiered the very good song “Laura” off of it — which will presumably be pressed on the first side of Honeymoon.

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