Australian Band Cuntz Are The Latest Act In Trouble Over Their Name

Australian Band Cuntz Are The Latest Act In Trouble Over Their Name

Australian garage-punk band Cuntz are currently touring the US in support of their upcoming album Force The Zone. They were supposed to play a show at Seattle’s Victory Lounge next Tuesday, but according to a Facebook post by Nicole Erin Yalaz, who co-runs the band’s booking agency Strange Victory Touring: “The Cuntz show in Seattle has been cancelled because of their name. I’m so disgusted right now.. So sick of these rich young college kids who think that trolling a show into being cancelled is making a difference in the world. I hope you all die from your PTSD.”

The show has been rescheduled for a different venue and the original Facebook event has been deleted, but here’s what DASWASUP GIG promoter C.J. Frederick reportedly wrote regarding the cancellation:


It’s not up to me to decide what is and isn’t offensive to folks, but I do feel like it’s my responsibly to listen to the voices of my friends, peers and fellow musicians who have been upset by me booking a band called Cuntz. I decide to stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue.

This show is CANCELLED and this Facebook event will self destruct in 12-24 hours. If you want to see Cuntz play on 10/13, they will be a Lucky Liquor but DASWASUPGIG and me (C.J.) have absolutely nothing to do with it and I will not be there.

Apologies to folks who have been hurt and/or offended by this show. This is NOT the kind of thing I want DASWASUPGIG to represent and I admit to having rolled the dice when I should have just said “no thanks”

It is worth noting that the word “cunt” doesn’t have quite the same connotation/offensiveness in the band’s native Australia, and there’s no uncomfortable racial component here a la FKA Viet Cong (although Viet Cong are/were a much better band). Still, I do kinda feel like…if you’re naming your band “Cuntz,” even in Australia, you’re going for shock value, so you can’t get too upset when people get, you know, shocked.

Hear a couple of songs from the band’s new album below.

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