Self Defense Family – “It’s Best We Address It” (Stereogum Premiere)

Self Defense Family – “It’s Best We Address It” (Stereogum Premiere)

Self Defense Family just released a new album, Heaven Is Earth, back in June, but the very prolific group’s not one to slow down their output for anything as silly as time. But they are taking a moment to reflect for their Cassette Store Day release this year: German Industrial Ballads, their upcoming tape, features songs from their back catalog as SDF and their previous iteration, End Of A Year, as chosen by the band members themselves. The release will also contain a zine in which each of them explains why and how they chose their favorite song. German Industrial Ballads will feature one new song, though, a harrowing duet called “It’s Best We Address It.” The track never travels over a haunting whisper, but both voices act as phantoms of distress, playing off each other to increasingly and satisfyingly creepy ends. The whole thing blows up in static at the climax, cutting off before providing any sort of closure. Listen below.

01 “Indoor Wind Chimes”
02 “Tithe Pig”
03 “It’s Not Good For The Man To Be Alone”
04 “Holy Trend”
05 “Eric Hall (Acoustic)”
06 “Self Immolation Family
07 “Philip Jose Farmer”
08 “Turn The Fan On”
09 “It’s Best We Address It”

German Industrial Ballads is out on Cassette Store Day (10/17) via Bad Paintings. Pre-order it here.

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