Ex Hex – “All Kindsa Girls” (The Real Kids Cover)

Ex Hex – “All Kindsa Girls” (The Real Kids Cover)

There are “all kinds of girls,” and then there are the kinds of girls that make up Ex Hex. The all-female punk trio has covered the Real Kids’ 1977 hit “All Kindsa Girls,” giving a 21st century riot-grrl rendition to the classic track. Lead vocalist Mary Timony told NME about the cover:

“All Kindsa Girls” is just a great song, the kind of song that you wish you wrote. Laura [Harris] had been listening a lot to this song and when we needed a cover she was like, “Let’s do ‘All Kindsa Girls’!!” and we got on board really quick.

Ex Hex’s garage-punk feel isn’t a far cry from the Real Kids’ sound, but Timony elevates the cover to new heights when she sings, “I wanna go right out and find a girl/ It’s been a long time and I’m seeing the world/ Through different eyes, through different eyes.” This is the first new Ex Hex recording we’ve heard since their 2014 debut album Rips, and it’s a good one. Listen to the track below.

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