The Coathangers – “Watch Your Back”

“You can never go back, you can never go back, you can never back,” snarl the Coathangers with a glint of fang, amidst trashing guitars and relentless noise. The Atlanta three-piece have released their newest track, “Watch Your Back”, and it is as feisty and angsty as ever, an angry bass line throbbing throughout. It is a punk soon-to-be anthem, with sneering sing-shout vocals that can only be found in the darkest of alleyways, the most forbidden of urban dwellings. The chorus listens like both a warning and a state of intent, a ferocious battle-cry that works both ways. Listen to the track below via NPR.

The Coathangers will release a limited split 7″ with Black Lips 11/13 via Suicide Squeeze.