Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$ – “Lose Control”

UK buzz band Glass Animals have paired their shadowy indie-R&B sound with rap before, inviting people like Rome Fortune and Chester Watson to hop on remixes of their songs, and today, they’ve dropped a new collaboration with Brooklyn rap classicist Joey Bada$$. Premiered on BBC Radio 1, “Lose Control” finds Joey Bada$$ sounding atypically growly and aggressive over an eerie, minimal Glass Animals track, and frontman Dave Bayley shows up near the end for some bluesy falsetto crooning. Here’s what Bayley says about the team-up:

I got hold of Joey’s mixtape back in 2012 and was hooked. A couple months ago I heard he was into Glass Animals so I got in touch, and when I was in Brooklyn he came by the studio one night. We’re both addicted to red vitamin water so we picked some up. Then I ordered some dumplings. Then I started playing him some sounds. Within an hour we had the beat and he was like “I’m ready.” He got into the booth and put down pretty much the entire thing in one foul swoop…dude is so talented. Then I hopped in and did my bit. Then I ate my dumplings. Hopefully we’re going to do some more stuff together at some point.

Listen below.

“Lose Control” is out now via Harvest Records/Wolftone.