Iglooghost – “Gold Coat” (Feat. Cuushe)

Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label is one of the most fascinating indies out there these days; its roster is less about a centered aesthetic than about FlyLo’s own bugged-out tastes. (Word to Kamasi Washington’s stunning astral jazz triple-LP The Epic, not an album you’d expect to see coming out on a label run by a popular weirdo beatmaker.) The latest Brainfeeder signing is Iglooghost, a UK producer who is getting ready to release his debut EP Chinese Nü Year on the label. I don’t know a lot about this character, but his new single “Gold Coat” is fast and layered and disorienting and still somehow catchy. It’s like what might happen if the ADD-addled young vandals in the PC Music crew tried to make some slick late-’90s UK garage, and it’s got a disembodied, largely wordless guest vocal from the Japanese dream-popper Cuushe. Check it out below.

The Chinese Nü Year EP is out 10/30 on Brainfeeder.