Watch Garbage Play Deep Cuts At First 20 Years Queer Anniversary Show

Over the summer Garbage announced the 20 Years Queer tour, a slew of dates to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, which occasioned our recent interview with Shirley Manson. Last night that tour kicked off in San Diego and will continue over the course of this month in America before moving on to Europe. (Full dates here.) For the monumental anniversary Manson and co. have pulled out all the stops and are playing plenty of deep cuts.

“As Heaven Is Wide” is a rarity for the group to play live:

#AsHeavenIsWide @garbage

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So is “Driving Lesson,” which was part of their encore last night:

#DrivingLesson 🚗 #GSides #Garbage #20YearsQueer @garbage

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They also covered “The Butterfly Collector” from English punk band The Jam:

#There's tarts & whores but you're much more" #ButterflyCollector #GSides #Garbage #20YearsQueer @garbage

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And played more popular, familiar songs like “Stupid Girl”:

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“Only Happy When It Rains”:

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And “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)” as part of the encore:

SURPRISE! #CherryLips (Go, Baby, Go) from #BeautifulGarbage 🍒💋 #Garbage #20YearsQueer @garbage

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Here’s the full setlist:

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