Watch Tame Impala’s Lovely “The Less I Know The Better” Performance On Colbert

Let’s take a moment out of our busy day to praise whoever lights the musical guests on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The person who does that job appears to have an innate understanding of how to make the musical guest look exactly the way that musical guest should look. Case in point: Tame Impala, who played on the show last night. The show lit them with blinkig multicolored flashes, which made them look both otherworldly and like they stepped of some ’70s rock-show set. For an amazing disco-influenced prog-pop band, this was precisely the right decision. As for Tame Impala, they played “The Less I Know The Better,” an album track from this year’s stunning Currents, and they sounded great. Kevin Parker gave his upper register a real workout, sounding almost like a Bee Gee, and his backing band found a graceful and unhurried groove. Watch the performance below.

Currents is out now on Interscope.