Ciara – “Paint It Black” (The Rolling Stones Cover)

In case you live under a rock and haven’t been following the breakup cycle that’s dogged Ciara and Future since the dissolution of their engagement last year, many of us have been reading clues and deeper meanings into each and every song they respectively release. Currently, Future has been a bit ahead of the game because aside from a few singles, Ciara’s Jackie was kind of a pop album also-ran (she should’ve kept working with Mike Will Made It, at least) whereas Future’s deliriously bleak DS2 was heralded by the world as a despair-laden comeback after 2014’s tepidly received Honest. But today we can chalk a point up in Ciara’s column; her sweeping, wounded cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” for Vin Diesel’s new vampire killer movie The Last Witch Hunter is full of dark majesty. I never felt this kind of keen anger in the original. She’s added her own layer of emotion to the classic song; it’s astonishing how much “Paint It Black” really does sound like an anguished breakup anthem. Listen below.