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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

As I’m writing this, the most popular new video on the internet is “No Words,” from the culty rapper Hopsin. It’s snide, sneery satire of Auto-Tuned Atlanta codeine rap, and its whole idea is that rappers who work that style don’t speak actual words. This, of course, means that people who like rap like this are dumb. Hopsin proves this point by gurgling robo-gibberish for two minutes while standing near girls/guns/fancy cars. My response to this is: Shut up, Hopsin. Fuck outta here. My humble suggestion: Rather than watching/sharing that bullshit, watch any of the five very good videos below.

5. Mac Miller – “Clubhouse” (Dir. Eavvon O’Neal)

It was a dogfight for the #5 spot this week, and I hate not including Ratking’s “Arnold Palmer,” a video that makes me feel a lot of feelings about summertime in New York. But this video is so lazily strange and confident that I couldn’t not include it. Favorite little touch: Miller still wearing his chains in the pool.

4. Eskimeaux – “Broken Necks” (Dir. Robert Kolodny)

When a DIY artist makes a video with the same sense of lightness and personality and fun that we remember from the early MTV era, we should just declare a holiday and take the rest of the day off work. Less slapped-together found-footage collages, more of this. Please.

3. Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney – “Say Say Say (2015 Remix)” (Dir. Ryan Heffington)

It feels really unfair that I can’t move into this video and just live there.

2. Meow The Jewels – “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow)” (Dir. Hectah)

Scientists of the world: Take this as a warning. Please do not genetically engineer any giant cats with death-ray eyebeams. Because they will absolutely do all of this.

1. Will Butler – “Anna” (Dir. Brantley Gutierrez)

Emma Stone earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Birdman. She’s better in this.