Foo Fighters Recorded Five New Songs With Help From Ben Kweller

Foo Fighters Recorded Five New Songs With Help From Ben Kweller

Foo Fighters had a few surprises in store for their headlining set at the second weekend of Austin City Limits. “‘Cause who wants to do the same thing all the time?” Dave Grohl asked the crowd on Friday night. “You know what I did last night? We recorded five fucking new songs in your beautiful city of Austin, Texas…Just by chance, I bumped into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in about 16 years, right as I was recording a vocal. This motherfucker walks in — I’m like, ‘Hey, man!’ — and he starts fucking singing the most beautiful harmony to the thing I was singing. I was like, ‘Get your ass in the vocal booth right now.’ And then he said, ‘Hey, if you want, I’ll come up and sing a song with you tonight.'” Texas rocker (and Austin resident) Ben Kweller then took the stage to help out with “some straight-up sweet, tug-your-hearstrings ballad shit” on “Big Me,” off of Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut, which turned 20 in July. Watch below.

In other Foo news, The New York Times reports that Dave Grohl recently financed an attempt by the owner of the esteemed SoHo recording studio the Magic Shop to buy out the lease and purchase the property from the landlord for approximately $3 million, an offer rejected by the building’s co-op board. “We thought, wouldn’t it be great if this studio was around for the next rock band that is going to change the world?” Grohl said in an interview. “Because this is the kind of place where it’s going to happen, not on some TV contest.” The studio, according to Grohl, “represents something more than wires and tubes and knobs — it’s a big part of the history of New York.” The Magic Shop was featured in an episode of Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters’ Emmy-winning HBO docuseries.

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