S – “Remember Love” Video

S is the solo project of Carissa’s Wierd vocalist Jenn Ghetto, who recently announced via Facebook that she will no longer use “Ghetto” as her last name:

okay so I am changing my name,, it’s time for me to stop using “ghetto”
I chose that as my name when I was a teenager and I realize now that it is not my place to be using it.
As I move forward, I want to acknowledge the anti-black racism i perpetuate using the word “ghetto”
and deeply apologize to those that have been hurt by my use of that word.
I am changing all internets and other things related to me that I have used the word “ghetto” in. Unfortunately i am not financially able to repress records that I made under the name jenn ghetto.,,
This is part of a process i am in of educating myself and challenging systemic oppression that I will continue to do!
all the love
jenn t. champion

You can read more about Jenn Champion’s name change here. In the meantime, her band has released a new video from last year’s Hardly Art LP Cool Choices. We’ve seen several inventive videos from the project (“Losers,” “Vampires,” “Tell Me,” and “Like Gangbusters!“) and today Champion presents the quirky, sad visual accompaniment to “Remember Love.” The video’s description reads as follows: “Sometimes exes linger in the mind long after they’re gone. Sometimes, they stick around as skeletons.” Watch below.

Cool Choices is out now via Hardly Art.

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