Watch Natalie Prass Cover Slayer

When we talked to Natalie Prass earlier this year, she mentioned the cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” that she did for A.V. Club’s Undercover series:

PRASS: …Growing up in Virginia Beach I was the only girl playing in bands and stuff, and I loved 112, and Janet Jackson, and Aaliyah, and all this stuff, and the boys were all into hardcore and punk. And I had to kinda be like “Oh, I listen to NOFX.” You know, when you’re in high school and insecure and you have to…

STEREOGUM: You have to be a poser for a little bit.

PRASS: You have to be a little poser! Yeah. And so for AV Club, we did that Undercover thing, and they sent the list, and I was like, we’re doing Slayer, “Raining Blood,” because that song is such a part of my past. All the boys, growing up, that was like the song, and me always just being like, “It’s a cool riff.” I’m gonna make it my own, as soon as I saw that as an option I was like, “We’re doing that one!”

Now it’s finally here! The cover is something completely different than what Prass showed off on her debut album, but it’s impressive that she can switch up her sound so thoroughly and totally pull it off. Watch below.

Natalie Prass is out now via Spacebomb.