Video From Radiohead’s Santa Barbara Webcast

Although the overlap between Barack Obama’s DNC address and Radiohead’s webcast of their final North American show this tour wasn’t total and complete, from your Santa Barbara liveblogging, it seems more than a few of you devoted your night to Obama’s Denver address. I think you guys chose wisely, both for the sake of Observing Significant Moments In American History, and for the sake of knowing that the Internet captures every move Radiohead makes in perpetuity anyway. What I saw of the concert was a nice reminder of my nights with them this summer, and a necessary chaser to hearing Chris Matthews yell at me about how essential Barack’s speech was. We’ve rounded up what we could of the high-quality YouTubes out there from the Santa Barbara set, along with a setlist, for your pleasure.

SETLIST (via atease)
01. “Reckoner”
02. “Optimistic”
03. “There There”
04. “15 Step”
05. “All I Need”
06. “Nude”
07. “Talk Show Host”
08. “Arpeggi”
09. “The Gloaming”
10. “Morning Bell”
11. “The National Anthem”
12. “Faust Arp”
13. “No Surprises”
14. “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
15. “The Bends”
16. “Karma Police”
17. “Bodysnatchers”

Encore 1
18. “Cymbal Rush” (Thom, “This one’s off the Eraser, its called Cymbal Rush.”)
19. “House of Cards”
20. “Paranoid Android” (Thom. “So this is for anyone who’s had surgery. You’re gonna be dead soon. Its all going south Brotha.”)
21. “Go Slowly” (Thom, “I didn’t mean it about the surgery you know. Whatever u wanna do.”)
22. “Everything In Its Right Place” [some people in the front chant “TRUE LOVE WAITS!” repeatedly. Thom, “Just cuz your down in front mate. Nice idea.”]

Encore 2:
23. “Videotape”
24. “Lucky” [Thom, “Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you everybody. Everybody who has come to every show on this tour. We’ve had a blast generally. We also very much like to thank Liars for playing tonight. Ok I’ll shut up.”]
25. “Idioteque”

Here are the high quality vids:

“House Of Cards”

“Cymbal Rush”


The others that YouTube’s hosting at high quality — which unfortunately are not embeddable — can be found here. I imagine Radiohead will up them soon, so we’ll update when that happens.

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