Raury – “Demo 1: The Sea”

Raury - "Demo 1: The Sea"

19-year-old Raury Alexander Tullis from Atlanta, Georgia draws elements from hip-hop, folk, soul, and seamlessly ties them together into one polished package. Last year’s excellent Mixtape Of The Week Indigo Child had a personal bedroom charm despite its ambitious, hi-fi scope. Highlight “Chariots of Fire” burst with top-of-the-world ferocity akin to a track off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Raury’s newest song “Demo 1: the sea” finds him scaling back tremendously with a simple ballad, helmed by his soothing voice and an acoustic guitar. It’s not listed as a track off his upcoming album All We Need and is probably just a sketch, but it’s nice enough to exist purely on its own. Listen below.

All We Need will be out 10/16 through Columbia Records. Pre-order it on iTunes.

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