Heems TV Show Eyes Fresh Off The Boat Producer, Mindy Project Actor

Back when we reported that erstwhile Das Racist rapper Himanshu Suri, the performer otherwise known as Heems, was in the process of writing a sitcom pilot based on his life for Fox, Tom compared it in passing to Fresh Off The Boat, the hit show inspired by the life of celebrity chef Eddie Huang. Now it turns out the Heems series might employ one of the producers from Huang’s show. Heems confirms to NBC News that Fox has asked Fresh Off The Boat co-executive producer Sanjay Shah to produce the new show, which is tentatively called Eat Pray Thug. (Heems fans will recognize that as the title of his excellent 2015 solo LP, which earned Album Of The Week honors here last March.) In an email to NBC, Heems also shared some details about the show’s premise and his level of involvement:

It’s a show about an [Indian-American] rapper who chooses to hang out at home with his Indian parents because they’re funny and maybe because they cook really well… I will make sure its as authentic as possible although I trust Sanjay completely since he’s South Asian and we’ve already discussed important reference points. I’m not too stressed about it.

Producer Himanshu Suri has a nice ring to it no?

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NBC’s report also indicates that actor Utkarsh Ambudkar, who plays Mindy Kaling’s younger brother on The Mindy Project and appeared in Pitch Perfect, is attached to star as the Heems character. Heems approves of that choice, partially because Ambudkar does not conform to South Asian stereotypes:

He transcends those pigeonholes the same way I do, being Indian yet a professional rapper. Most importantly, he knows his hip hop.

Heems recently tweeted a similar sentiment about Ambudkar:

Let’s hope this show actually happens!