Battles – “Dot Net” Video

Math rock spazz trio Battles put out their third cheekily-titled instrumental album La Di Da Di earlier this year, and today they’ve shared the Ben Jones-directed video for “Dot Net.” As Pitchfork reports, the video is an initial release in Warp’s Arts film series for Channel 4. It depicts a woman in a museum calmly watching kaleidoscopic, psychedelic patterns swirl in and out of focus. It also involved an Apple Watch.

Here’s what Jones had to say about the video:

The exploration of the digital territory between abstract graphic user interfaces, polyrhythms and human interaction was a paramount inspiration of this video. Prodding and proving the causality of passive engagement vs hyper-addiction concerning the influence of “screen time” (using the video and audio of an iPad or iPhone or etc….). In the end we kept returning to this jump off: “Is this a dope music vid to have on your Apple Watch? Yes or No?”

Well? Is it dope? Watch below and decide for yourself.

La Di Da Di is out now via Warp.