The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle & Rolling Stone’s Christopher Weingarten Made A Noise Cassette

John Darnielle is the frontman of the Mountain Goats, one of the greatest bands in the world. He’s also a great writer, and you should really read Wolf In White Van, the novel he published last year. Christopher R. Weingarten is a writer, specifically a music critic, by trade. He works at Rolling Stone now, and in the past, he’s worked for places like SPIN and the late, lamented Paper Thin Walls, among other places. (He is good at Twitter.) But he’s also a great drummer, and he played in Parts & Labor for years. And as Weingarten announces, they’ve teamed up to form a duo called #tcot, named after the hashtag acronym that usually means “top conservatives on Twitter.” (Full disclosure, I guess: I’m friendly with both of them, though I had no idea this thing was happening.) Tomorrow, they’ll release a cassette that the Men frontman Ben Greenberg recorded in Brooklyn. Judging by the two-minute clip of music they’ve posted online, it’s sort of an improv jazz/noise thing, with Darnielle on piano and Weingarten on drums. It’s jittery! Listen to the clip below.

The #tcot tape is out 10/16 on Northern Spy. It’ll only be available on cassette; there will be no digital release. Order it here.