Nite Jewel – “Words” (Feat. BatmanOnTheBeatz)

Ramona Gonzalez has been making darkly muted, lush electronic pop as Nite Jewel for several years now. She began the project while at graduate school, discovering what her true passion was, as most graduate students do, by discerning what it was she used to avoid her studies. It was music, and thankfully for us, she continued to pursue that. Things have been fairly quiet on the Nite Jewel front since 2012’s One Second Of Love, except for the recent one-off collaboration “Infinity” with a producer inexplicably named BatmanOnTheBeatz. Apparently that wasn’t just a one-off though — and another track from the two of them has surfaced, called simply “Words.” It builds on the same spectacularly spare sound that first drew listeners to Gonzalez, even if that aesthetic has gained immense popularity while she was away. Listen below.