New Streets Video – “Everything Is Borrowed”

In this clip for the opening/title track of the new Streets album, Mike Skinner is at home, not roaching a spliff and watching telly, but waking the wife and making breakfast for his son. Their domestic bliss is cut short when six dudes show up to repossess the house. It’s “an artistic piece of credit crunch drama” according to The Beats’ video description. The maudlin refrain “I came to this world with nothing, and I’ll leave with nothing but love” takes on a more literal meaning in this context. The British rapper’s no stranger to sentimental songs, of course, but it’s an interesting choice for first single and perhaps hints at LP4’s more mature themes.

Dry your eyes, Everything Is Borrowed (679/Vice) is out real soon! 9/15 overseas, 10/7 in the US.

Tags: The Streets