Hear Ryley Walker Play New Song “The Great And Undecided” At Tompkins Square’s 10th Anniversary Concert

For the past ten years, Tompkins Square Records have championed a lovely form of folk and virtuosic acoustic guitar music, music that feels out of time without being overly beholden to tradition. They’ve released the debut records of people like William Tyler and Ryley Walker alongside reissues and new releases from elder statesmen like Michael Chapman, and both Walker and Chapman performed at Rough Trade NYC last Friday in a celebration of the label’s 10th anniversary. Walker headlined the event, playing a sprawling four-song set of the kind of lush, psych-tinged soundscapes he excels at, and he closed with the debut of a new song, the smoky, slow-burning “The Great And Undecided.” Fortunately, NYCTaper was there to capture it, so you can listen to that below, and hear the rest of the set over on their website here.

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