Chris Martin & Ricky Gervais Working On Mockumentary About The Office’s David Brent

One of the great things about the British version of The Office is how brief it was. After 12 episodes and two Christmas specials, it ended, giving each of its characters a satisfying ending and exiting way before it stopped being funny. And given that Ricky Gervais’ character David Brent was a toxically shitty human being who was hard to watch for more than a few minutes at a time, that was a very smart move. But now Gervais is bringing Brent back! Hopefully without fucking up his whole show’s legacy! Gervais returns in the new mockumentary movie Life On The Road, which follows Brent on his journey to becoming a rock star. And Gervais is working on the soundtrack with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

As Billboard points out, Gervais recently Tweeted about recording with Martin. Martin seems to think he’s a funny guy lately, if the Game Of Thrones musical is any indication, and Gervais covered Coldplay’s “Fix You” on an episode of his HBO show Extras, so it all fits.

The movie, according to Billboard, will “follow Brent on the road, mockumentary-style, years after the character left his office life and chased his rock star dreams.” It’s coming out 8/19 in the UK.