Joanna Newsom Hates EDM, Too

Joanna Newsom Hates EDM, Too

Feel like I’ve read a million interviews with Joanna Newsom over the past week — ours included — and, somehow, she keeps saying interesting stuff in all of them! In her conversation with The Fader, Newsom adds yet another item to the list of things she hates: EDM! She’s already expressed her distaste for stalkers, Spotify, and bananas, and her next target is the popular dance music that’s fueling molly binges across the country. Here’s what she had to say:

Do you like contemporary music?

Of what’s popular, I think I like rap more than most indie, I’ll tell you that. I don’t have a problem with music that’s written with a synthetic or electronic instrument. But I do certainly hate the complete garbage that is most EDM music. Couldn’t be worse if it went out of its way to try.

Granted, most of it is garbage! Gotta give her that one. And look at the subtle put-down of indie music. Brutal. Just brutal. An interesting look at what Newsom’s been listening to, especially considering how far removed her music is from time and trends.

Divers is out 10/23 — our interview with Newsom is here.

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