Young Thug – “No Joke”

New songs from the endlessly prolific Atlanta rap hero Young Thug continue to hit the internet, and we continue to not know whether they’re half-finishes leaks or singles to coming albums or what. They just exist in some mysterious limbo, and then sometimes some of them become underground hits. It’s weird! The last one we heard was the deranged and strangely beautiful “Raw,” which came out just five days ago. And now Thug is back to his berserk bouncing-ball flow on “No Joke,” which has a big piano-based beat from ChopSquad DJ and frequent Thug collaborator/serious producer-of-the-year contender Metro Boomin. Listen to it below, via Fake Shore Drive.

Both the Slime Season 2 mixtape and the Hy!£UN35 album are supposedly coming soon. We’ll see!

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