Janet Jackson Cracks Down On Fans Who Instagram Concert Photos

Page Six reports that numerous Janet Jackson fans have accused the singer and her management team of reporting them to Instagram for copyright violation after posting photos from Jackson’s Unbreakable tour. Like most celebrity performers, Jackson doesn’t allow photographers to take an excessive number of photos at her shows — they are allotted 30 seconds in the pit at the beginning of the first song — but these rules don’t typically apply to fans snapping images on a cellphone camera. When an Instagram user’s photo or video is deleted, they receive an email from the app explaining that a “third party reported that the content violates their copyright,” but one fan in particular told Page Six that her Instagram account was deleted entirely after being reported by Jackson’s team. A representative from Instagram, however, stated that any account deletion can be blamed on a bug in the system, and that only repeat copyright infringers would have their accounts deleted.

UPDATE: Janet Jackson has issued a statement via Twitter, basically saying that “short video clips” (Instagrams) will be allowed, while “long clips” (Youtube videos) will be taken down, and that her team would “change their approach” in regards to Instagram video takedowns:

Hey you guys, I have been listening…
I love and appreciate my fans. I want you to know that I enjoy watching the short video clips of how you are Burning It Up at the Unbreakable shows. Please keep posting them.

My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects. It was never their intention, acting on my behalf, to have social media accounts removed. Permitting the use of long clips does present a contractual problem for these projects. I hope you understand. I trust the fans will use their short recordings for their own memories and to share on their social media networks of choice.

I have asked my team to change their approach and allow you to engage socially with these videos.

I know I wouldn’t be here without the love I stand on.