Some Pulp – “Slasher Nite @ The Showcase East” (Stereogum Premiere)

For the last few years, label Chill Mega Chill has put out a Halloween compilation called The Chiller. It’s always a spookily good time, and this year they’re teaming up with Forged Artifacts to co-release The Chiller IV: Night Of The Living Chill. This year’s comp highlights both of their strong rosters, and contains contributions from Ricky Eat Acid, Band Practice, France Camp, Miles Heizer, and more, and the whole thing kicks off — after an appropriately creepy introduction — with Some Pulp’s “Slasher Nite @ The Showcase East.” It’s a bit of a heavier departure for the Minneapolis duo, who released their self-titled debut last year, but it rocks hard. It’s loud and brash and catchy as hell, and capture the give-no-fucks, take-no-prisoners nature of the holiday.

“I’ve been a longtime fan of The Chillers since they began and wanted to write a definitive ‘spook opera break up song’ for this installment,” lead singer Graham Barton explains. “Channeling my influences and packing them into something concise and exciting was the main goal. I needed Type O Negative heavy, Alice in Chains grit, Carpenter synth, the power pop melodic elements in the cauldron for this one to boil with Hallowstime spirit. We really pushed our boundaries as a band with this tune and we’ve been dying to get it out.” Listen below.

The Chiller IV: Night Of The Living Chill is out 10/31 via Chill Mega Chill/Forged Artifacts. Pre-order it here.

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