dd elle – “a note” Video

New Jersey bedroom producer and Ryan Hemsworth pal Dan Casey put out his debut EP as dd elle, the unassumingly titled u, last month. It’s a release that could easily slide under the radar — everything about it feels self-consciously small, from its title to its runtime to Casey’s shy, pitch-shifted vocals — but it’s one that’s absolutely worthy of your time. Today, he’s just shared a new video for EP track “a note,” actually one of the first dd elle songs to be released all the way back in early 2014. Directed by Cameron Reed, the clip is composed entirely of the results of a stock footage search for “people smiling,” save for one brief shot of an unsmiling Casey at the end. The track itself sounds like a dazed sunbeam, and Casey’s meek and occasionally unintelligible vocals don’t draw much attention to his actual words, but the scrolling singalong-style text in the video highlights the dissonance between the daydreamy sonics and the seriously fucked up, suicidal lyrics: “I feel like jumping in front of something/ I feel like being destroyed/ I feel like taking my final sigh/ I feel like leaving a note.” Combined with the images of happy, smiling faces, the end result is something stuck in an odd space between deeply comforting and deeply disturbing, or maybe both at once. Watch below.

u is out now via Slow Release.