Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we gave props to new singles from Justin Bieber, Adele, and Drake. We are basically Z100? Although with Bieber working with Blood Diamonds, Adele with Tobias Jesso Jr., and Drake with James Turrell (jk) you shouldn’t want us to ignore pop music. As Tom put it in today’s Fall Out Boy x Zaytoven x Migos (!) post, “We are living in a historical slipstream, where things interact with each other even when they probably shouldn’t.” But! If you’re looking for some more obscure sounds, here are 50 great new acts to check out.


#10  Chris DeVille | Oct 20th Score:33

Longtime Lurker, you don’t have to agree, but you also don’t have to be an asshole about not agreeing.

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#8  FacePeppler | Oct 19th Score:35

Say what you want about that album cover, but there’s no doubt that it’s the cover of the album

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Justin Hill | Oct 21st Score:35

I already like them better than Andy and the harp chick

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#6  frog oracle | Oct 19th Score:37

I don’t have to dig. The last album by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. If we don’t agree on that, we agree on nothing.

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#5  dansolo | Oct 21st Score:37

There’s some great analysis of the Weeknd’s hair in that Rolling Stone piece.

“Tesfaye’s hair can be divided into roughly four sectors, each with its own distinct personality (front left: flopped-over moose antler; back left: tiny octopus). The overall effect is that of a rare double mullet: party in the front, party in the back.”

Wow! Why can’t Rolling Stone always be this good? Also his hair was inspired by Basquiat!

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#4  Scott Lapatine | Oct 16th Score:38

how much do you know about 311

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Colin | Oct 19th Score:41

Took me 30 seconds…

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#2  Max the King of All Wild Things | Oct 20th Score:42

Got a text from my mom I thought y’all might like:

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#1  frog oracle | Oct 16th Score:48

(screams into pillow)

OK. Listen. Joanna. Here’s the thing. I love you and I love your music. (I am not a stalker. I don’t even want to meet you, honestly. No offense, but I’ve had awkward interactions with artists before and it’s not for me.) But I think you are the best. The thing is, I am PAYING YOU ALL I CAN. I bought two tickets to see you in DC this December, literally within 5 minutes of them going on sale. you know, just in case. I own all your albums on vinyl. ALL OF THEM. Even the EP. I’ll buy the new album too. I promise. But I can’t pay you any more than that. I am making sacrifices to do this much. We bought a house last month, and I’m scared to death we made the wrong decision. It’s a lot of money. We have two kids. Right now I am the sole bread winner in this family. I’m feeling a fair amount of pressure here. My wife and I said, no more shows until we have a second income. We have to be responsible. It’s not just about us anymore. But then, you know, we saw you were coming to DC, and how often do you tour? Not that often, right? So we made an exception. It’s one of the more expensive tickets I’ve bought in awhile. Lincoln Theater. OK, I get it, you don’t want that club vibe. I guess I’ll be happy to have a seat. You understand, I haven’t bought a cup of coffee in months. If I want to stream your new album at work, is that really so wrong? I know you’re all analog, and I get that. I really do. I have a system at home, and we listen to 90% vinyl at home. But I’m at work a lot. It’s a long day. I’ve done everything I could, within reason, to honor the listening experience at the office. I’ve got studio quality headphones at my desk and a headphone amp, but I can’t exactly bring a record player to work, can I? I mean, what am I supposed to do here? I’m trying to survive, and this is what I can afford. I think a lot of music fans are like me. We’re paying every dollar we can spare for the music we love. There’s not some huge stash of money, we’re spending on garbage, because we’re getting music “for free.”

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#5  LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster | Oct 20th Score:-17

Spending three paragraphs to say, essentially, “this artist’s music isn’t convoluted weirdness, it’s good” then it’s probably not good.

Listened/watched that video and just have to wonder how Bjork feels about Newsom copping her style so hard.

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#4  yourmotherisaballpointpenthief | Oct 21st Score:-18

The dudes at the Chive are probably saying, “Why’s Bill hooking up with that dried-out hag? He could get any piece of ass he wants!”

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Evelyn Dick | Oct 20th Score:-21

Nah, I play in Limp Wrist.

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Evelyn Dick | Oct 20th Score:-23

lol @ people getting so easily offended on the internet in 2015. there has to be drama in everything, shit’s now worse than an 80s Mexican soap opera

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Evelyn Dick | Oct 20th Score:-37

says someone with a cat pic. hold on, don’t log out from you reddit account just yet, there’s still 40 more irrelevant threads where you can spout off your irrelevant opinion.

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Andrew Knighton | Oct 18th Score:24

This was my 5th time seeing Deerhunter.
I have 28 full DH live show recordings, and 16 Atlas Sound shows.

For the people saying “It’s just Bradford being Bradford.”, I can assure you, no, this was nothing like a regular DH performance. On average they play 13 to 15 songs in a set. Last night, we got 8.

I know it must seem cool or fun at a distance. I remember reading about the 1hr My Sharona cover event that happened 3 years ago and thinking how cool that must have been to witness. Wow was I wrong. Shaking a potted plant for 5 minutes over droning noise loops might be something you do while rolling at the Home Depot, but, it really doesn’t make for a great musical performance.

Still my favorite band of all time, and Fading Frontier is their best work in years. Will just have to catch them next time around and hope we get to hear Ad Astra instead of feedback.

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