U2 – “Song For Someone” Virtual Reality Video

U2 already made two videos for “Song For Someone,” a track from their dumpster-fire 2014 album Songs Of Innocence. The first one starred Woody Harrelson, and it was a really affecting little vignette. Another one had the band in it, and it was broody and black-and-white and forgettable. But they’ve now made a third video for the same song, and it’s a different thing entirely. This time around, they’ve teamed up with Chris Milk, the former music video director who, more recently, created the virtual-reality app Vrse. According to VRScout, this is a full-on virtual reality video — as in, you have to watch it with one of those things that turns your phone into a headset. When it starts out, you’re onstage with the band as they perform the song, and as the video continues, you’re home with different fans as they sing along. U2 gave fans a preview in London before a recent show; a traveling bus allowed people to try it out on Oculus Rift headsets. But you can now apparently try it for yourself if you download the Vrse app.

Tags: Chris Milk, U2